Letter from Mr. C.Joshi

Letter from Mr. C.Joshi


CEO & founder of COUNSOL
Consultant Counsellor & Psychologist
Snr Faculty Lecturer @ KAPLAN
SAC /ACA Registered Clinical Supervisor

Testimony of Ms Hitomi Sano

I had the distinct privilege of knowing Hitomi Sano as an Associate
Counsellor, she has worked with various client groups, including teens, young
adults and families, she is respectful and considerate of all her clients and
always ensures her clients’ comfort and safety is utmost priority.

During counselling sessions, she is flexible in adapting topics and activities
to engage her clients, and makes it a point to respect their choices. Some of the
topics she has discussed with her clients so far include: self-esteem,
motivational, anger management, relationship issues, adaptive skills and
adjustment issues.

While Hitomi’s background was in Law and Financial, her academic
and work experiences gave her an edge and advantage when dealing with clients
from different backgrounds. Keen to learn, Hitomi Sano graduated with a
Master of Counselling degree from Monash University. Hitomi always offered
competent services to her clients, she takes the initiative to learn about new
skills, for example, through in depth literature reviews, seeking supervision and
participating in professional workshops. She is very proficient in using
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focussed Therapy.

Her deep empathy and good listening skills, gave her good stead to
understand her clients’ personal and emotional issues and empower them to
explore possibilities and opportunities. She has very good visionary leadership
qualities. I am confident that Hitomi Sano will definitely aspire to greater
heights. She will inspire others with her zest and motivation and will be an asset
to any organization.

Mr. C.Joshi

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