(日本語) 心と魂の癒しをあなたへ

Counselling Services

  • “I have something that I cannot tell anybody. It always come back to my mind occasionally…”
  • “I do not have any confidence to overcome the current situation by myself…”
  • “I know the answer, but I need an assurance from somebody…”
  • “I cannot move forward because I am afraid to do so…”
  • “I have worries and concerns about the family – the spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, relatives, the working environment – managers, colleagues, clients & customers and the friendship, the relationship etc.…”
  • “Why I always so unlucky!”
  • “My colleagues don’t like me. They always have something to talk about me!”

  • “I don’t seem to be able to get out of the situation! Don’t think anyone could understand what is going on in my life!”
  • “They don’t seem to forget my past.  They see me as a failure. I don’t think I am able to succeed in anything again.”
  • Do you know?

    Your “big” issue could be resolved if it were to be shared or viewed from another perspective?

    Your “small” issue could become material if you choose to leave it as it is?

     In many countries, it is common for people to have their own counsellor to discuss any issue before the issue or concern turns into a serious situation which is more difficult to resolve.

    Why don’t you give yourself a little courage to contact us?

    We hope and believe, you would feel lighter and better after our sessions. Counsellors have our counselling code of ethics and we observe client confidentiality. Your issues discussed during the sessions, will not be shared to anyone without your consent.

    La Vita Counselling & Spiritual Careでは、特定の宗教や宗教団体との関連や勧誘はありません。及び当サイトのテキスト・画像の無断転載・複製を固く禁じます。