(日本語) 心と魂の癒しをあなたへ

Merit of Counselling

You are conscious and afraid of what others would think of you if they find out you go for counselling. You feel that there is still stigma attached to people who seek help from counsellors in Singapore and Japan.

If you keep your trouble, worry or agony to yourself, this would gradually “grow” and affect your physique and health. Physical body is interrelated to your mental and emotion.

Do you know?

Nobody can hardly live alone. People are social interconnected with others in society. Our parents, siblings, spouse, children, family relatives, peers at school, our bosses and co-workers at workplace, and friends and others. If you are full of stress and leave it unattended, it could slowly develop and affect yourself and your other relationships with people. For example, your loved ones seeing you unhappy or troubled, they too will become unhappy or troubled.

Each person is unique. Everyone has different concerns and challenges.

Counselling will provide support to you so that you see more ways to your issues and will feel lighter.

*Counsellors are obliged to disclose information to regulatory offices under certain circumstances required by Singapore Laws and Regulations.

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